To Whom It May Concern

For me to Dr. Clark, although I was privileged to know, was one of the most human in the face of the earth, because they worried about the health of human beings, just for the sake of help for families millions enjoyed being in front of the dreadful disease of cancer, a disease that had been causing so much pain in families.

However, thanks to their courage to face adversity achieved what few have achieved and leave a legacy for humankind, a cure for cancer!

That's what everybody should do and not think about the enrichment at the expense of knowledge, an important element that God gave us to know we gave it to the most humble of people, yet now the man has forgotten the most essential of needs without being required because what matters most is to serve our fellow to advance in evolution.

Thanks Dr. Clark, for what you did for humanity, I'm sorry that you left us, leave a great void, but I'm sure many are already convinced that we do humility and integrity are important to keep fighting for benefit of our humanity.

J del C. A

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