I am so sorry to have heard of Dr. Clark's passing away. 

With her research and books, she saved so many lives, she saved mine.

I had Leukemia, but it was in one of her books that I found my cure. 

I know we are not supposed to use the word "cure", but that was what happened... I was cured. When I walked out of the Oncology Clinic for the last time, that was when I made my commitment to become an Herbalist and replicate in others what had happened in me.

I am now a Certified and Licensed Herbalist.  Within the next few months,

I hope to open my first office where Dr. Hulda Clark's picture will be displayed as my "silent mentor". 

Like so many other times before, I waited too long to say "thank you". 

Now, I'll have to wait until I see her in Heaven to tell her how much she meant to me and how much she has inspired me.  Until then I can only miss her with all my heart...


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