Subject: Re: Tribute in memory of Dr. Clark

Dear Cristina

Thank you for informing me. I don't know what to say.

Perhaps her time had come, and she has completed her great work and was ready to depart. I believe she had recently had her 80th birthday, so she was about this age?

You are lucky to have known her personally. But her work will endure. And I am waiting for the time in the future for her and her work to be acknowledged by many more people. I just wish I had perhaps been able to communicate with her personally.

Thank you for letting us know you will still be available for queries and assistance as volunteers. I am also using her work in my new clinic, and hope to study more so as to be able to apply more of her protocol to more people. May her work continue to aid and produce wonderful results.

My heartfelt wishes to all supporters, followers and practitioners of Dr Clark and her work and literature.

May she rest in peace.

God bless.

Kindest regards


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