Subject:  Re: Tribute in memory of Dr. Clark/response

Yes I heard earlier yesterday that Hulda Clark had passed. 

I am so pleased that she passed quietly in her sleep.

My mother passed almost a year ago and I felt Hulda's loss as significantly as my mother's. 

I am so grateful for the work Hulda did in her lifetime, which has made a huge impact on my life and more significantly on my health. 

All that I learned from Hulda I will continue to use as I grow and evolve into my senior years.

From the deepest parts of my soul I celebrate the life and times of this great woman pioneer.  She will continue to live on. 

And with these final words let me say thank you very much Dr Hulda Clark for what you have taught me is being successfully passed down to the next generations in my family. 

You have made a difference and we will remember. 


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