Please, we are interested to get hold of a doctor/s in RSA who follows Dr Hulda's protocol.

I am glad to tell you that I built 14 Zappers already from your little diagram and gave it to friends with a Zap program and oh!, all the testimonies of cures for a lot of discomforts, diseases etc. from colds, flu and worms to faster recovery from internal injuries etc etc etc.

What an excellent little tool. If the ordinary little Zapper is that good, I can just imagine what the newest ones is worth.

We are aware of quite a few cancer patients who are dying and who we can help by getting them to a RSA doctor that follows your protocol. 

No, I am not a medic or anyone in the medical practice, I am a Refrigeration Technician with a heart for people in discomfort and with "incurable diseases".

I am a believer in God Most High and therefore believe that he uses the Hulda Clark Foundation in His plan to cure the "incurable millions"

God bless this Foundation.


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