Dear Dr. Clark

I hereby wish to inquire how I can become a representative in South Africa and what the requirements are.

I live in Pretoria and have studied your most amazing book "A Cure for all Diseases". I have also recovered very well from ME after zapping and killing parasites.

I am currently busy with the Kidney Cleanse, which I plan to follow with the Liver Cleanse.

The many Specialists were unable to help me, so after many years of suffering I was introduced to your book and the Zapper, through my Homoeopath I then followed your advice and took charge of my own health.

With guidance from your book, your website and through the grace of God, my health condition has improved very much over a period of about one year. I am so grateful.

More people should know about you and the good work you do.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With kind regards

"R S"

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