A friend came to me with cancerous tumors in the kidney. He was scheduled in four weeks to have his total kidney surgically removed. I didn't have a lot of time to "work", so I was going to use all the weapons in my arsenal.
I started him immediately on the eight day Dr.Clark designed Zapper frequency program using the cancer and advanced cancer drivers alternately.    An hour and hour off up to a sixteen hours a day on the eighth day. We also employed the parasite cleanse of Dr. Clark's for the required period of time. I also had my friend ingest 7- 10 ppm colloidal silver water three times daily, an ounce each time, before meals.
I also had him drink two cups of liquid FLOR*ESSENCE tea (used by Rene Caisse, RN, from 1928 to 1978 in Bracebridge, Canada). One cup of tea, made-up of two ounces of tea and two ounces of heated pure Spring water, one before breakfast and one cup before retiring. I designed a vitamin and mineral protocol for him also that would strengthen his body and aid in fighting the cancer.

A minimum of 10,000 mg of Vitamin C daily over the course of the day to heal damaged tissue and promote overall healing. Vitamin C is also a big cancer preventative. The other vitamins and minerals were to build up his overall body and immune system.

The young man followed the protocol with great discipline for the four week period before his surgery. Conventional and professional medicine had offered nothing but the upcoming surgery at the end of that four weeks.

My friend went to the hospital at the end of the four week period that we had intensely worked together and had an MRI before his scheduled surgery. His cancer was gone. The doctors could not detect or find any cancer in his kidney or elsewhere in his body and they had to cancel his surgery. They told him it was a miracle.

We knew, with God's help and that of several wonderful "real" sources - it was damn hard work to beat off the barbaric surgery that could've happened had we not fought this cancer from the very beginning to defeat this vicious disease. My friend is on a strict maintenance program now.
Thank you Dr. Clark.

J. E. S

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