On 17/03/03, I recieved the Zapper Deluxe 2003, which i had ordered.

To make a long story short, I used the zapper as instructed in the manual. For five consecutive days I zapped, using the diagonal method. On the fifth day I felt so sick that I had to stop zapping.

My HIV vl (viral load) = 53,000 before I started zapping. I had been off medication for 2 yrs. I was not on HIV treatment. On Feb 02, 03 I discussed with my doctor that I resume taking medication.

The Doctor decided that I should have blood work so that we can know where we start from. 

On April 23,03 I visited his office and the results of blood work had been received. He told me that the new vl = 29,000. From 53,000 to 29,000 this is a significant change. The vl had dropped by 24,000.

I was sure that the Zapper is responsible for the vl reduction.

Remember, I was not on medication. There was no way the vl can reduce.


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