Dear Dr. Clark,

Taking the metal fillings out of my teeth has removed back pain that I have had for about 40 years.

Thank you, thank you, so much. I'm still in the process of getting them all out, but the results are marvellous!

The Zapper design works wonderfully. One of my electrician friends made some for me. I feel so much better and am better able to care for my mother, who is 93 as of Wednesday.

You should have had 10 Nobel Prizes for your outstanding medical help.

All the developing countries of the world would be helped by your methods, and of course, all the rest of the world, too. I'm sorry the Medical Profession does not realize the truth of your research.

Actually you would put them out of business, if people realized the validity of your statements.

One of my pupils has a mother who had cancer. I gave her a copy of your book and a zapper, and she is feeling much better.

Keep up your great work. God will bless you.
Every time the AMA goes after you, they bring attention to your work, and more people are healed with the information.

Again, thank you, thank you,


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