I developed a very painful stomach condition a year or so ago which I now know to be acid reflux "disease." It was very painful and frightening, as the pains were over my heart and quite severe. I learned from my book that this problem is a result of the weakening of the valve in the stomach, due to parasite infection. I am happy to say that today, that condition is entirely resolved. I gained immediate relief from the pain with Lugol's and Turmeric, and with care and diligence with Zapping, along with more care in food choices,


I had a friend who developed this 'acid-reflux' condition and then one day the pain 'stopped' suddenly and my friend was delighted until she was diagnosed with stomach cancer. The Doctor said this is often the case that people who have problems with acid-reflux do not get proper medical advice and are happy when the pain stops...this condition needs to be observed, especially if and when it stops as quickly as it came!

I was diagnosed with a 'drinkers liver' although I do not drink alcohol at all.

After two liver cleanses and getting out dozens of fairly large 'stones' (1-1,5cms long)  and thousands of smaller ones...my liver tested normal again.

My wife and I zap regularly and do regular 'cures' with ParaX.

Thanks to Dr Clark.


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