I have to give you a testimony followed by a question regarding it.

"EB" who I work with, bought a Zapper and herbs because her mother had a cancerous tumor.  It was very big, visible sticking out over her right breast midway to her right shoulder.  It must have been at least the whole length of her open hand across and about 3 finger-width high and also protruding out, like a long sausage. It was attached to part of her breast and she was told they had to remove it and part of the breast or possibly all of the right breast.  And, immediately after surgery she had to undergo radiation. 

However, E’s mom began zapping three times per day and taking the herbs three weeks before surgery.  Two days before the surgery she felt that the tumor was loose and told E.  It turned out that in fact the tumor was detached and the surgeon did not have to remove any part of the breast, and there was no need for any radiation.

The doctor was amazed that the tumor was detached!  "E" swears it was the zapping and the herb but didn’t want to tell the doctor what they were doing.

Now for the question.  Have anyone else experienced something like this?  This is truly amazing. 

Oh, also, I spoke to E's mom today and she told me that some like warts in the back of her neck have started to fall off.

Well, that's all right now.

Take care,


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