I am going on vacation!!!  A friend has given us the use of her house on the coast for two weeks...it is the first place in the US that the sun hits each morning.

Over a year ago we were making plans for my funeral services...today we are making travel plans.

If there are any cancer patients out there like I was, please take heart.  I would get that Plate Zapper, memorize the last half of that manual, remove those fillings, and guzzle that black walnut, and take lots of enzymes, and flush, flush, flush (the liver,that is).

It is ridiculous what I am taking with me...we almost need a trailer to take all my appliances, supplements, zapping equipment and on and on.

I am now back to doing yoga, walking a couple miles a day, rebounding as always and some gardening...not enough time yet to do as much gardening as I'd like. Getting up to speed on the yoga and walking was very difficult...it must have moved more mercury out of my body when I started exercising again...very unpleasant...sweating and shaking, but made a little progress every day. It was definitely an endurance thing.

I could get used to everyone telling me I look great (as in healthy, alas, plate zapping has not made me beautiful).  It is very hard to run into old acquaintances that also have the big C and chose only chemo and radiation for their treatment. Many are not looking great.

I still have much to work on in regards to my health, but the thought occurred to me that when you lose your health, you also lose your independence.

And when you regain your health, you get another shot at being independent...if you're lucky. Today I'm feeling lucky.


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