Thank you very much for your quick answer.

I feel better now taking all the capsules an hour before I have meal instead before breakfast, but if I begin to feel bad, I´ll follow your instructions.

I´m very happy about the parasite cleanse because I´ve felt very tired and very ill for years.

I´ve gone to visit all kind of doctors and they´ve always said that I have nothing at all (I´m only 34!). In the last months I can´t move at all, I haven´t any energy, all my body hurts me, but since Saturday, I don´t feel in the same way that I used, so bad.

So thank you very much Dr Clark and for your attention and for the development of this website that spreads an alternative cure; a hope for people like me.

Sincerely yours (and I beg your pardon for my bad English)

"L B"

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