In 2003-2004 I got on the internet and found your formula for liver cleanse.

I did 8 liver flushes with several weeks in-between. I passed over 1500 gallstones and grainy like substance. I felt better and the pain left.

I have been on several missions trips to Germany, Guatemala, England. 

I came back from Israel in Oct. of 2005. 

I got very sick after I got home and thought I had a bladder problem but it was a gut infection with fever. 

I went to the Dr. and they did tests stating I had a abscess in the sigmoid colon, from diverticulitis. (I never had a problem before)  I took antibiotics and gradually felt better over 3 weeks.  I had no energy and felt something inside like small jerks, like a baby kicking, not always in the same place. 

I was praying to the Lord for help...and felt maybe I might have parasites. 

Someone came up to me recently asking about my health and said, "with all the mission trips you may have picked up parasites."   HELP!!

If you could advise me which to do first, a bowel cleanse or the parasite cleanse then I can order appropriately.


"S G"

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