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Lo zapper è un apparecchio di terapia, inventata dalla Dr. Clark di fama mondiale. Uccide piccoli microorganismi come parassiti e energizza i nostri globuli bianchi.
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In che modo i parassiti, i batteri, i virus e i funghi differiscono tra loro e cosa provocano nel corpo?

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Thank you for your reply. I used the 3 herbs on myself and my mother who as I mentioned had a benign brain tumor that was pressing on the part of her brain that is used for memory recall ( short term ). It was also growing.

I gave her the herbs as well and her memory didn't deteriorate and actually got better as we progressed with the herbs and tincture. The doctors couldn't believe her progress. Her blood pressure dropped and she was feeling very well. I am not a doctor but know my mother well and know when things work on her. I had eczema which I rid with the same herbs and bad breath that worried me as I was in marketing and liaised with clients daily...a small point but important to me. Also a friend of mine who was suffering the pre stages of colon cancer and was on heavy chemotherapy and drugs...he also had extremely bad breath and his reality was that his marriage was suffering. I gave him the herbs etc. and within a week his doctor said he couldn't understand what happened. My friend didn't want to say "oh 3 little herbs cured me " to the doctors...they would laugh at him. He came over to my place and thanked me implicitly over and over for pointing him in the right direction.

That is my only claim. I hope I have been of some help to you and Dr. Clark.

Also Nexus Magazine here in Australia prints letters from people all over the world using the 3 herbs.

You can contact them as Dr. Clark's book (excerpts) was featured in the magazine. Anyway I hope this has helped her cause.


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