I would like to give a testimonial that I have been able to reduce more than 90% of the HIV in my blood in less than 2 months. Initially I used herbs Wormwood, Blackwalnut tincture and Cloves and immediately I did a viral load test. the viral load quadrapled but in less than 2 months it collapsed.

I'm at my last stage now of zapping. I've been having amalgam in my mouth. I would like to use the recipe made of fennel oil, nutmeg oil, coriander oil, cloves oil etc., as I read from the 1993 book the Cure for HIV and AIDS.

Here in South Africa, Durban, the oils we get are from France and they are written, for external use only. Can I still used them for the coriander spice syrup?

Also can I use red thyme oil instead of white thyme. Please help I would like to shake off all the HIV!



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