Recovering from HIV+

Dear David

Thank you very much for your response to my e-mails. I am very excited to say that my friend who has been using Dr Huda Clarks medication for HIV positive status is recovering. All the symptoms like Fever,Night Sweats, Swollen Glands, weakness etc. have all been reduced and he says he is OK now.

Since he lives in different country he was not able to come to Mexico get admitted in Dr. Huda Clark's Clinic. He is strictly following the medication and he is away from all benzene polluted products listed in Huda Clark's book "Cure for HIV and AIDS" . He is on Huda Clark's medication from past one month. He is strictly following Dr Huda Clarks book regarding the medication.

He is still using Black Walnut Hull Tincture, Wormwood capsules, Cloves, Riboflavin tabs and L-Glutamic acid.

Your sincerely


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