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Dr. Clark's book, I am thoroughly convinced, is a major part of the reason I am here to respond. If I had been left in the hands of traditional medical care in the U.S., I would most likely not be alive by now.

I had been on a serious downward spiral for a year which included high fevers, kidney stones, bladder infections, a 5 x 7 cm ovarian cyst, liver and gal bladder dysfunction and what was looking like ovarian and breast cancer. I was suffering many of the effects of acidosis, which many doctors have noted, is a necessary underlying condition for cancers.

After watching traditional cancer therapies kill several people I loved in the most morbid and cruel manner imaginable over the last several years, I decided not to even let them diagnose me. Perhaps I should have in order to have proof of the truths that many people are trying to suppress for the most ignoble of reasons.

After spending many hundreds of dollars seeking medical assistance, I was convinced that they were only offering ideas that would cause more harm than good. They even suggested birth control pills for a 39 year old woman, who was sterile due to two ectopic pregnancies, for the sole purpose of helping them to better tell if the cyst on the ovary was really cancerous without conducting more expensive tests. Anyone who knows the statistics about the relationship between birth control pills and cancer certainly understands why I felt they were trying to kill me. I had experienced the awful side effects of birth control years earlier and knew I was too sick to withstand this brand of torture.

At this point I reverted to prayer. I felt that physically I would not be functional much longer and that, even though I was doing all I knew how nutritionally, I could feel my life slipping away. I felt that, perhaps, it was just "my time to go". I was introduced to Dr. Clark's tested, proven, yet still suppressed methods and, frankly, was quite sceptical. I felt, however, from what I saw and read, it certainly could do no harm. By the next morning I was already feeling 25% better than I had felt for 2 years. As I continued her program over the next three months, I was amazed to find myself completely restored.

I only used the zapper, the kidney cleanse, and the liver cleanse. I was so amazed by the results. I have shared this with others who also have enjoyed the benefits of Dr. Clark's vision, determination and sacrifices. 

History will look back on this time and will clearly see what so many of us are too close to perceive clearly. It will be easy to understand how a multi-billion dollar medical and drug industry became the corrupted business that tyrannically caused the suffering of so many and demanded the blind faith of all who were allowed to partake of its wealth. It will judge those trustees of the people who allowed our blessed system of government to become an instrument of tyranny rather than justice. More than a few heads will bow in shame and pity over the suffering of Dr. Clark. Perhaps they will find courage from her example and it will help them to over- come the relative ignorances of the times they live in. Then again, perhaps they will learn how to not become an instrument of tyranny because of the example of our elected and appointed officials who will most likely reap what they are now sowing.

Since I became ill in 1995 and was restored in 1996, I have developed a new career in massage and energy therapies and am enjoying life with my husband and 13 year-old-son. I continue to use Dr. Clark's methods and have benefited greatly from the storehouse of facts and knowledge she has provided. She has given so much to so many. The lives of those I am able to assist in any small way, whether they know it or not, owe Dr. Clark a debt of gratitude. The donations I am able to make to the needy, to school committees, to non-profit organizations, to the students I work with, to the early childhood enrichment programs I have created, to my dear son, to the parents I have cared for, would, but for Dr. Clark's work, have been lost.

May the waters of tender mercy ease her suffering and anxieties.
May the hands of justice take firm hold of the tyrants and all those who serve their purposes.
And may the sincere trustees use their positions to plot a course of truth and justice for our dear Dr. Clark.
Thank you for sharing the sad news of her arrest. I look forward to better news soon.

Most Sincerely, 


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