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CkarK Zapper
Clark Zapper

Lo zapper è un apparecchio di terapia, inventata dalla Dr. Clark di fama mondiale. Uccide piccoli microorganismi come parassiti e energizza i nostri globuli bianchi.
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Krankheiten und Protokolle
Malattie e Protocolli

In che modo i parassiti, i batteri, i virus e i funghi differiscono tra loro e cosa provocano nel corpo?

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Thank you for your reply. Now I think I will be OK. As 9 years ago I was fascinated by the story of Rene Caisse, now I am even more fascinated by Dr Clark, her work, her such "non-American" way to give for free knowledge, information, such detailed protocols of treatments.  I'll try to be short. Nine years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation. All the time during treatment and almost a year after I was on Essiac and Sunrider Alpha20C (Chinese food herbal immune stimulants), and multivitamins. All these years I was OK. In Sept 2001 after a bad flu I started coughing and by December it didn't get better. My MD tried antibiotics, antihistamines, something else. Nothing worked.

Three ENT doctors insisted in acid reflux, the forth said that I had nothing, lung CT was clear, acupuncture didn't help, homeopathy didn't help, nothing worked. I started experiencing lower back pain. At this time I had a regular visit to my oncologist who did chest X-ray that was normal. He said that coughing was allergy, back pain was sciatic but referred me to a bone scan.

The scan showed "suspicious" changes that looked really bad. He immediately put me on arimidex and zometa and said that I had bone metas.  At the same time I found a very good massage therapist from Russia who was visiting with her friends in Chgo. My back pain was gone after two-three sessions, and she recommended me to try Chinese cordyceps. That was that really helped me get rid of cough and by summer I was fine with no cough and no problems. All this time I've been on cordyceps, Sunrider Lifestream (food herbs working on circulation system), Arimidex, and Zometa.

In January 2004 I had my first computer diagnostic test that showed all possible Staphs, Streps,viruses, etc. The person who conducted this alternative test recommended Engistol, Traumel, Lymphocost shots from Heel, and cleansing program. The problem is that in this country you can't buy shots without prescription, and my doctor would have never given me the one. So I was stuck. I continued taking cordyceps all the time, and the next diagnostic in June showed much less Staphs, no Strephs, and parasites that didn't show up on the previous test. The doctor was excited and insisted on a cleansing program + the same staff from Heel in tablets. She showed me a book about parasites published in Russia with reference to DrClark work who is highly respected there in a medical community. Only after that I found some information in English and ordered "The cure from all diseases" and "The cure from cancer" from the library. As to my condition now, I feel fine, no pain full of energy, and definitely I do not look like a terminally ill person.

Again, thank you, David for what you are doing


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