I was diagnosed with Cancer in May.  I've had 30 days of Radiation and two months of chemo.  Then I was scheduled to visit with a surgeon.The cancer is in my rectum and he is going to cut out my rectum and part of my vagina. I was devastated. 

Next morning I went to the bathroom and filled the commode full of worms.  A light came on.  I have the book and I even ordered the stuff 4 years ago when my husband had Cancer.  He wouldn't take it.  So last Saturday, I rushed to the health food store and bought the 3 items and started right away. 

Look at the attached picture.  These bulbs that have been around my anus giving me so much pain for a year are going away. Who can test for that, in this area?

My question is:  Where can I go to get an honest answer about whether my cancer is taken care of.

Thank you so much. 

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