Dear Dr. Hulda Clark,

My husband Phil, who is 63 has a Brain tumor (Astro Cycloma) which was diagnosed about 12 months ago. He had an operation to remove the core but they could not get it all as the tentacles had grown into his brain. He then had a radical 6 week (5 days a week) course of radiation.  After the radiation, we started him on a course of your parasite program. An MRI about 2 months later, showed his tumor had reduced by one third.

We then had an appointment for another MRI in another 2 months. During that period we did the parasite course again. We continued with the once a week maintenance program.

The result was that the tumor cells were looking much better and starting to normalize. We then had an MRI in another 3 months. In this time we only did the weekly maintenance program. This time the tumor had improved slightly. This result was given to us last week and I am now wondering whether we should give him a larger dose of your parasite program.

My husband was a motor mechanic for many years, and the doctors think that he may have had the tumor for 10 or 20 years. We have changed all our products (toothpaste, aftershave, soap, shampoos etc) to non  petroleum based products. Can you give me some advice on what to do next.

Many thanks,  L R

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