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Lo zapper è un apparecchio di terapia, inventata dalla Dr. Clark di fama mondiale. Uccide piccoli microorganismi come parassiti e energizza i nostri globuli bianchi.
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Thanks for the info regarding "duration zapping" and also for asking how I am doing.

I have delayed my answer to you while I think through exactly what I have been doing. And I appreciate the opportunity to do so.

I am doing just great - thanks to a whole lot of really nice people (such as yourself - and D G) who have provided the encouragement, equipment, and supplies necessary. But most of all I am grateful for all that Dr. Hulda Clark has done for all of us. Her writings (we have all four of her books) are soooo encouraging (compared to my "medical friends" who only know about cutting, burning, and drugging - must be their witch doctor background). Praise God that we already had her four books which are really very positive and upbeat.

I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma cancer (some of that must be redundant) in July. At that time the growth was in the shape of an oval and 1 3/4 inch long by 3/4 inch wide and 3/8 inch thick - now it is gone (I still have some mopping up to do). I believe it was caused by my breathing PVC primer and solvent for all those years I worked on our plumbing - but that's another story.

My personal therapy consisted of:

  1. Zapping. I used the original Zapper, graduated to Dr. Zap, then to the Frequency Device (thanks to your input in answering my emails and phone calls), and finally Plate Zapping. In other words, lots of zapping!
    I meticulously did the first week of Dr. Clark's 21 Day Program - again getting rid of the parasites. That, of course, included all the Cleanses. That was quite a process - staying on schedule with all the different things to be taken each day. I never got to the final two weeks of the Program although I had purchased all the necessary goodies as a package item from the Association.
  2. Diet. I made very few corrections to my diet as we have for sometime now only consumed primarily fresh and organic foods. I never was much of a fan of "SAD" (Standard American Diet - such as McDonald's hamburgers, Coke, and the like). Dr. Clark made us very much aware of the dangers of isopropyl alcohol and all the food sources where it might be hidden.
  3. Diet. Tea. I drank five cups of what I call "Three Tea". Each cup of herbal tea consisted of a teaspoon each of Chaparral, Pau d'Arco, and Red  Clover Blossom. All three herbs are well known for their cancer fighting abilities - not for their taste!
    3.   Indian Mud. This is a combination of herbs designed to be applied topically, and is really powerful. It goes by several names depending on who makes it - Black Salve and HerbVeil 8 are two. It attacks the growth from the outside and is not harmful to healthy skin (although it does cause some reddening and irritation). It is actually an escharotic. I applied the Mud to a bandage, and then the bandage to the growth. That process is annoying for about 24 hours by which time the Mud has turned into a scab. It takes about three more days for the scab to drop off. I did it three times with plenty of time between applications for the surrounding irritation to return to normal.
  4. Dental. Margey and I were already well aware of the dangers of mercury in the mouth. So all of that had already been removed. We did manage to find a really great dentist to work with though. We gave him a copy of the Advanced Cancer book and The Cure video. Most of his staff have now read/seen those two items. For future dental work, he is willing to use Dr. Clark's recommended materials. He did remove two "root canal" teeth that had metal posts. I'm not sure I noticed the difference (other than the two gaps in my mouth big enough to drive a truck through!).

Documentation. In addition to the initial lab report, I have pictures of the progress from the start to complete recovery.

Problems: Not many. The biggest was with well-intentioned friends who thought I was nuts by not seeing an MD. But then again we haven't been to an MD in over thirty years living by the adage that "One's health and well being are far too important to be entrusted to the care of the main stream medical profession".

All in all, it took about six months to get rid of that horrible thing hanging on my side. During that time I never lost sight of the fact that God is always in charge - if we will but listen to what He has to say.

Cancer doesn't scare me any more.

Happy Days,

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