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Dear All,

A few years ago I lent my copy of “Cure for all Cancers” to a friend who's 50 year old husband had lung cancer. He was already in a wheel chair following a severe car accident and had some other health issues so the specialist was not expecting him to last more than 6 months. I left her the information along with a flier from an Australian supplier of the parasite herbs and a book by an Aus Dr on alternatives including mega-ascorbate therapy. To my surprise when I returned she had the full parasite, kidney and liver herbal tinctures and was applying the protocols to both herself and her husband. She was also getting him Vit C injections twice a week from her local doctor.

I should add here, that she already knew about the parasites in her husbands blood from a live blood analysis done a few weeks before-hand so the Clark protocols were a natural progression.

After a year all three of the doctors they were visiting were staggered not only to see the man alive but free of cancer. There was only a slight trace of an image on the lung X-ray and non of them wanted to know what the treatment was! I though one had to get a Bachelor of SCIENCE to get a doctor's ticket.

She commented to me that she also felt in better health after completing the full program.

Curiously, others I've offered the information to have flatly rejected it or even been offended by my gentle concern. My uncle in Britain had a brain tumour and despite being a Marine Biologist, would not even look into the information I wrote to him about. He died later that year and I have heard that my "intrusion" was considered quite offensive. It would seem that you simply cannot help some people and one has to accept that.

Yours sincerely,


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