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In che modo i parassiti, i batteri, i virus e i funghi differiscono tra loro e cosa provocano nel corpo?

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Via Dr Clarks e-mails….
Dear Melville.    I am going to buy some Amish  dewormer.   Your theory makes so much sense to me because just a few days ago I began to get the impression of parasites from the way she has been attacking her food.  I thought to myself then that maybe she has worms or something and just because she is an indoor cat doesn't necessarily make her immune.

Melville writes***
they've known for many years in the US and especially in Europe that parasites and cancer go hand in hand. There's a humongous conspiracy by the medical "industry" to keep this simple fact a secret; because of their refusal to look at alternative treatments that just might impact their "industry" which involves chemo and radiation.

They'd all be out of work if the truth were known..

Here's a pic of the parasites that I'm dealing with now. Over 2 years ago I was told by the oncologists that I only had about 8 months to live unless I followed their advice..

Well I'm still here and very in her field..These parasites which I have called "Squamish cell cancer parasites" as no one else seems to know what they are and it just so happens that I have Squamous cell cancer.

Remember that there are literally thousands of different species of parasites of animals and humans and even parasites on insects and parasites that live on other parasites. My theory is that the parasites tend to the "roots" of the cancer and in fact the mouth is like a "garden".

There is a "symbiotic" relationship between the parasites and the cancer wherein the cancer "mass" or tumors protect the parasites like a "covering". It's "perhaps" similar to a Barnacle which swims till it attaches to an area and then uses surrounding materials to build it's little home which now becomes it's permanent abode.
These ones are compared to that dime coin to give an idea of size. Notice how they have "tentacles" like octopi. This could be how they cling to the
veins of the tumors; feeding on the blood.


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