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My health problem has most probably started after I made my worst decision to make a few corrections in my mouth, by getting some teeth bridges over some long time gaps. This was done by a recommended Dentist in Jakarta, Indonesia, who studied in Switzerland and worked there for more than 10 years. According to him (he speaks also very good German) he practised also in Germany as well in Finland each of 3 years. As he was recommended by the foreign communities in Jakarta I was not at all any doubt about his level of knowledge in his professional fields has come in my mind.

Anyway NOW many months later I are much more clever as before and so I know my health situation has changed after the treatment at his dental clinic. To make new bridges it was necessary to take out many teeth with amalgam fillings made around 20 years earlier or before. In all this years I have never had any allergic symptoms or at least I never have recognized them.

Anyway after a painful month last January 06 in Jakarta I got around two weeks later never known kribblings in my left hand middle fingers which got more and worst until I have almost no feelings in this two fingers. The investigating Doctor in Riyadh found out that my spine 5,6,7 has some problems as a nerve is maybe squeezed or so. As I got medical as well physio therapeutic treatments I get pain in my left TRIZEPS. The pain was so strong that I cried in the night with out painkillers I could not sleep at all.

It was the time I contacted a decades long friend in Berlin who is a very international known Specialist or Orthopaedic and Sport medicine. We agree to visit him and from that moment on things got clear every day. He was the first one asked if I have changed any things on my teeth in the past few months and after confirming he almost has the correct diagnoses which only needed to be confirmed with several test, Blut test, he also sent me to a friend of him who doing homoepatic treatments and research. Also that time it was all new for me such kind of health investigation.

MRI and Neuro related tests confirmed that all motorics are OK and no problems (except maybe little ageing) at my Spinals as earlier diagnosed.

Because of the developed doubts that I could have a nerve disorder based on a metallic oxide coming from the metal of the teeth's bridge basement, I went to a other friend who is a dentist in Berlin. He checked me out and has taken some metals dust to bring it to the Homoeopathic specialist. He also recommended to find out the composition of the base metal which I got from the Dental Lab in Jakarta. The content of Nickel was 64,7% with other metals, maybe not so important.

But after the result from the homoeopathic test (I am sorry I forget the name of the test) but I was laying around 90 minutes in a magnet field and was exposed to uncountable frequencies of all kind of materials, controlled by a computer software program and almost same day we received the blood test for metallics in my blood we ALL have been shocked.

The level of Nickel was unbelievable above limits and next was mercury, even gold was much out of limits.

I got some homoeopathic drops for curing and no other medicine. ONLY I was requested to take out all my teeth I just let fit in a few months ago, which I did in last August. But again I have a basement out of metal as it was recommended by my dentist friend to use 100% clean titan. After reading the book of Dr. Clark I only found out that even Titan is a metal which can causes different reaction in our health system.

The Story is not yet finish even I have recovered and have not at all any pain in my triceps. Moreover according to a psychotherapeutic program given by my friend I build up muscles again on my left upper arm specially the triceps which was already reduced to  minimum of its original size due the earlier described pain.

Simultaneously to my painful days and weeks I have recognized a disorder in my urination performance. And also here I was thinking its maybe from the pain killer I eaten or its the age problem. In Berlin I have an other nice friend he knew about all my pains in the earlier months of the years and when we meet each other he has a gift for us, my wife and me, the book from Dr. Hulda Clark, as I informed in my last Email.

Anyway I am convinced totally that what is in the book written is very much correct and I have started using a Zapper since 6 days. I like to clean up in my body. But I need to know following.

Can the Zapper be used with a Smart key to clean from Nickel, Mercury or other heavy metals 

I need to treat my prostate as it maybe effected by Nickel/parasites as in the book mentioned. 

Also I am suffering from planter wart colonies at foot soles and few on my hands

How shall I order smart keys with specific frequencies? Only to look in the tables and order with that specific frequencies and for how long zapper time has to adjust, or is time already programmed on the smart key.

My wife and my self have seriously discussed about the healing with electrical frequencies. We like to learn more about it, but we are both of us not much aware about basic medical words and details. At the moment the Internet helps lot to find out what means some words or what are the definitions of it.

We like to know if you or your organisation has already a contact person or persons in Indonesia or if not what is required to become a member or representative of the methods of healing according to Dr. Hulda Clark.

All I mentioned about medical results can be proved as all reports are with me. If it helps I can provide them.

How you think it is possible to approach the Dentist in Jakarta without disappointing him and explain him what he my need to change or improve in his ways of treatments. Maybe by your member Malaysian Doctor, who describes on his website his 30 years suffering from Amalgam ???

In awaiting your reply

Best Regards

"Y and W"

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