Liver Testimonials

by Teya Danel
March 4, 2008

I’m running around the house singing ALLELUIA! ALLELUIA! Today is a momentous occasion! I experience tremendous relief and excitement about what I’ve been able to accomplish. A huge weight has been lifted off body and I am finally free. I feel like I have been held prisoner in my own body for years, and now I have been liberated! I am overflowing gratitude and joy!

Dear Cristina
I thank you for your quick and kind reply.

I gladly send you photos of the results of my and my husband’s liver cleanses. You will notice that the expulsions of my husband have a completely different appearance. Probably for the fact that it is 30 years that he is a vegetarian and eats nearly exclusively crudities.

Sarah RyanWhen Ruby was 2mths old I had my first gall bladder attack and went to hospital. The Dr’s told me I had bad posture when breastfeeding and sent me home. The next night it happened again so I went back to hospital and again the Dr told me that I was having panic attacks and to breath in a brown paper bag. The next day I visited my health nurse and she suspected gall stones and told me to go back for tests. That night I was back at the hospital with more attacks so this time they did blood tests and ultrasound which confirmed gall stones.

I went on a 60 day waiting list for surgery. In the mean time I searched the internet to find out what the gallbladder is and what it does and that’s when I found the liver cleanse and the website so I gave it a go and was amazed at the hundreds of stones that came out. To date I have now done 20 liver cleanses and passed 2742 stones of all different sizes. I have read Dr Clark’s book, "The Cure For All Disease" and have also done all 4 cleanses (herbal, kidney, liver & bowel) and am now doing it again for the second time.


After the liver cleanse, her cholesterol values decreased significantly from 346 to 195:

Patrizia CostantineOne night in October 2006 I woke up with terrible abdominal and back pains. I was bent in two and nothing I took was able to calm the pain. I went to the first aid of the hospital and after various analysis and an ultrasound scan, I was told that my gallbladder was full of small gallstones. They also told me that I had to be operated as soon as possible. I decided not to be operated since I had heard of the Dr. Clark liver cleanse and I called my friend Cristina.

I started treatment straight away and after 2 liver cleanses I brought some bile stones to my doctor. He laughed in my face telling me that I expelled some things that "looked" like stones but that they were not gallstones. I insisted to have them analysed he but kept them too long before having them analysed and the result did not prove plausible.

Not happy about this, I did another liver cleanse. This time I personally brought the bile stones directly to the “Bio-analytic Center” of Porza to have them analysed. The result is that they are gallstones containing cholesterol and bile acids and salts.

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