The food covers all that is living. It is the most important issue but it is also a very complicated and controversial issue . Relates to our physical and mental wellbeing or our diseases . Were invented hundreds of diets, lose weight than for those to stay healthy and there are many food groups, such as vegetarians, those vegans, raw foodists, macrobiotic, and so on . Despite all this interest and information about food, today there are more and more people suffering from allergies or intolerances .

In the past there was talk of food allergy rarely . Someone was allergic to a particular food, but it was quite rare to hear about "food intolerance". After all the food needed to feed ourselves, then how come you can become intolerant?

Today many people, including many children, should do several waivers regarding the food . Their instinct food, which should be to know which food is good and what is bad food, is suppressed, and mentally consider protein foods and vitamins as their enemies . In particular, the alternative practitioners such as naturopaths and nutritionists, give guidelines of food, removing the foods to which it is being intolerant, especially dairy products, gluten, or the pig, to name a few, and following their recommendations, many have had the benefits .

Today even children know the meaning of the word "intolerant", but few know how to do to become intolerant to a food and what happens in our bodies to make us these and more importantly, what can we do to not be.

Dr. Clark has done research in this direction .

Food is a very complex mixture, containing, among others, phenols that give color and flavor but can also inflame and therefore Dr. Clark called them "food allergens".

Although the term "allergy  and " ood intolerance  have different meanings  both are caused by an adverse reaction to food.

Unlike the allergic reaction  food intolerance does not induce an IgE response fast-acting and therefore the symptoms that arise are more chronic and may result in delayed effect . Not necessarily have to be exposed to a specific food so as to react intolerant , as the case may also be a lack of enzymes or specific chemical substances , necessary for the digestion of a food substance . Intolerance can also depend on the amount consumed or from natural or synthetic chemicals in food and the body does not tolerate .

But what is the mechanism that triggers the body?

If there are heavy metals in the body, especially nickel, this will turn a small part of our body in a south . If this part of the body also acquires a larval stage of parasites, such as Fasciolopsis, bacteria of the latter, called Bacillus cereus ( common pathogens living in the earth ), are stimulated to multiply. These bacteria produce d- tyramine , special amine that can transform the amino acids that are near to form -L -shaped in -d . Our body is able to use only the forms of -L, and no forms of d - d - amino acids and phenols . The change in the structure of the amino acids to form the shape -L -d alert the fabric to activate the mechanism that counteracts allergy : and so the body produces PGE2 ( prostaglandin E2 ) .

But the situation becomes even more serious when the time, day after day , eat foods containing d - d - amino acids and phenols , which stimulate the production of other PGE2 because the body considers them allergens too . We should not eat them . We should only eat more fresh foods , which only forms in -L- . We should carefully avoid eating old, ( also bio ) regardless of their state of conservation chemistry, to avoid entering into the body in other forms -d- .

If we continue to eat foods containing d - d - amino acids and phenols , our tissues and organs produce many PGE2 and every d - phenol is attracted and ends in a specific organ . We are filled with inflammation , which open the doors of our cells to bacteria and viruses. We get sick . Bacteria pain , swelling of the bacteria and intestinal gas, cough mycoplasma, bacteria of sweats, diarrhea bacteria ... all these can make us sick.

Your immune system starts to destroy any " wrong form " amino acid anywhere in the body .

But when the liver is no longer able to "digest" , " detoxify " and " metabolize " all the substances present in food, and that perhaps is its task to return to the correct shape in -L- all wrong forms in -d - there will be an explosion allergic .

The Dr. Clark said:

As soon as you feel a new allergy , do a liver cleanse , and do one every two weeks until the action of your liver is much improved . Also rush to get rid of parasites also depriving them of their favorite food .

The above theme will be treated to our advanced seminar to be held end of March .

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