Dear Mr. David P. Amrein,

A short while ago I received your newsletter and I just have to say that this Zapper is simply a miraculous device!

I got a Zapper for my partner four years ago, which I also used for myself. My own experience was very valuable, too. Later I no longer used it – until last year I developed DCIS breast cancer. I profited a lot from Dr. Clark’s teachings and in addition, I found that nutrition is a very important point in human health.I carried out Dr. Clark’s kidney and liver cleanse and the parasite cleanse, with very good success. During the past six month, I did not have to do any cures, and I now follow the ‘Budwigkost’ scheme and I am avoiding carbo-hydrates wherever I can (see below). I had a lot of success, and I realized the truth of the saying: "You are what you eat. "

About six weeks ago, I came across the "Institut of Dr. Ehrensperger" in Lenzburg. In his research concerning the correct nutrition he found that too many carbo-hydrates can be responsible for cancer. For the last four weeks I have cut out the basic staple food of bread, noodles, rice, sugar and all cakes as well as corn. After one week I found: "I am feeling as well as never before", I have much more strength than I had before the diet of Dr. Clark and the "Budwig-program"!

I have been maintaining this diet of the "Budwigkost", eating as little carbo-hydrates as possible, and the cures according to Dr. Clark are a real great help to start with if one wants to try and get back to normal health. But there is more to it than following the therapy of Dr. Clark, one has to start from bottom (nutrition) and find out what exactly can be expected from the body in order to maintain a standard where one can cope with life.

Mr. Amrein, I wish you every success and I do enjoy your NewsLetter. I also hope that mainstream medicine will accept more of your findings, and pass them on to the patients.

Since I was diagnosed with DCIS cancer, I never went to see my physician again and today I am sure that my cancer is healed. In spite of this, my friends keep asking me to go and have an examination. I decided to do this only at the end of this year so that I will be able to show the result and prove to my friends that cancer can be cured through the right nutrients and by using the Zapper.

I can also confirm that arthrosis can be healed by the same treatment. I lent my Zapper to my neighbour, who had been suffering from arthrosis for years and who could hardly sleep at night. When she applied the Zapper, she could already sleep without waking up once in the second night. So after 3 weeks, she bought herself a Zapper and is now fully convinced of its effectiveness. She suffers from no more pain in her hands.

I am looking forward to your next Newsletter. Until then, I am wishing you much success in your research.

Yours faithfully,


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