I received your latest newsletter in Italian, and I read about that man who had a bad infection in his leg and was healed thanks to the zapper. So I want to tell you something too. I've already mentioned on occasion that my wife suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. She has always treated herself according to allopathic medicine which involves using anti-inflammatory drugs, mostly based on acetylsalicylic acid. These drugs are effective but in the long run they can lead to gastrointestinal bleeding and ulcers. For 25 years my incitements to stopthose medicines were to no avail. Like talking to a wall! Like pie in the sky!

"DOCTORS KNOW WHAT THEY DO AND I DO WHAT THE DOCTORS SAY" This is what I have heard her say all along. But in the end it happened ... One bad day my wife had a hemorrhage, the stool was black, etc.. etc.. The hemoglobin level had dropped to 86. The drugs were immediately discontinued(those by the name of NSAIDs in Italian). This led back to pain, resulting in movement restriction. It was then that, for the thousandth time, I proposed she trythe zapper, with the "ARTHRITIS" program.

She finally listened, and the pain magically disappeared from the very first treatment!!! Imagine if she had listened from the beginning! Now she does these treatments all by herself, even two times a day if necessary. And she is just fine, with no side effects. Sometimes she will also use the "PAIN" program, and she has also learned to use one of my TENSdevices. At long last!

I also suggested that she do the organ cleansing, without success so far. But since I know that she has a lot of amalgam (ie mercury) dental fillings, I give her 100 mg. alpha lipoic acid every day, which,besides being a powerful antioxidant,is also an excellent chelating agent (especially for mercury and arsenic).

This is my news. Once again I want to thank you for all your kindness. Take care ..... we’ll be in touch when I get back. Bye


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