Thank you for such an excellent site.

I was amazed that the zapper, made by a friend, actually performed a miracle with me. Several years ago I suffered from a sever bronchial infection. After 4 rounds of 2 antibiotics, I was still in the same situation after 4 or so weeks. I borrowed a zapper, braving a long trip to his home in the hills. There he asked me to try it out for a half an hour. Having never used it before, I thought it was a good idea. I left immediately for home after that.

By the time I arrived home I did not have any symptoms and I was back at work the next day. Truly a miracle!

Lately I had other symptoms, including excessive urination and dizziness.

For the last three days I have zapped and have found the latter alleviated quite well. I did not find what could be the treatment of the first symptom in Dr Clark's book.

I did have the urination problem in August and after a prostate cancer test, a digital examination - nothing was found. The urination problem went away, slowly and with the help of an antibiotic, but has returned again worse than before.

So I am zapping but it does not seem to have helped yet - but this is only 3 days of zapping so far. Recently I took herbal tonics  produced by Inner Glow Health Products (Queensland, Australia) and I believe they are faithful to Dr Clark's formulas.

Is it possible that the liver cleanse that I am now taking (nearly two weeks) can produce excessive urination? I used their "fluidplex" for 3 weeks until I finished the contents of the bottle around a week ago, which cleans the bladder, kidneys - again they have followed Dr Clark's formula very closely.

Thank you for empowering us with all your wonderful help.

"J B"

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