12th January.  (part 2.)

My regular cholesterol Total is 164 my LDL was 2.2

Then when I had that wierd starch allergy, my cholesterol went to 125 (way below normal.

Currently my HDL is 49 my HDL ratio is 3.0. LDL chol, calculated is 76.

My Homocysteine is 10.4  (Right at the high cut off. I'm doing B-12 shots for this)

My last cleanse, only 2 green peas came out, nothing else. Seems all clear.  Should I continue?

Last night, I started taking 3 tbs ozonated Olive Oil.

Should I do that for a few weeks? (my viral load is decreasing and my ALT is a low 15 from 243. Not bad, eh?)

All in all, we are doing much better!

I'm going to resume the zapping.

Thanks and God Bless,


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