My dearest Dr. Clark

I like to thank you so much for your work you have done and for your books you have published in order to let people know there are other method's to heal ones CANCER. In my case my cancer was discovered by accident. A Cat-Scan was done to see my lower vertebras. It showed a growth on my left kidney.

Another specific picture was taken of my kidney and confirmed. My kidney was taken out and everything was OK.

After 1 year another Cat-Scan was taken and a growth was discovered on the place where my kidney was taken out. The tumor was the size of a chicken-egg. A probe was done with a needle to see if it was benign or malignant.

It was malignant.

My Dr. said in a case like this chemo is not very effective nor is radiation. He wanted to operate again and I said NO because he said he can't guarantee that it doesn't come back.

In the meantime Dr. Clark was known to me and I was reading about her on the Internet. I ordered her book about cancer and I had a 100 % trust in her and her research. I bought her ZAPPER and her herbs and treated myself.

I told my Dr. --No operation and told him: I'll treat myself with the Zapper and Dr. Clark's herbs. I could read his unbelief and smirk in his face. I always can have an operation.

I like to mention that I have an optimistic outlook in life and in the future. This is now 5 month + since I use Dr. Clarks Zapper and herbs.

I have --- N O --- cancer pain or any sign of cancer.

I feel completely healthy.

This I want to tell Dr. Clark with my sincerest thanks.

From  K

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