I have written to you before about how well the zapper works.  I am using it to help get rid of a chronic mycoplasma infection.  As you may or may not remember, the mycoplasmas are what are believed to be a factor in Gulf War Illness.  I have both CFS and FMS;

Dr. Garth Nicolson has found through testing that 60-70 percent of people with my illnesses have chronic mycoplasma infections.  These bacteria were bio-engineered for germ warfare and were combined with a virus to make them more virulent.  They are the devil to get rid of.  They, like the stealth viruses, live inside our cells.

They are vulnerable to the antibiotics and zapping when they kill their host cells and emerge into the bloodstream in search of a new host cell.   I am also on antibiotic therapy and colloidal silver.  It will probably take at least a year to get this infection under control.

However, that is not why I am writing now.  I had gotten to the point where I was only zapping 3-4 times a week instead of daily.  Sat., I thought I was having a little problem with urinary track infection symptoms.  By Sun., it was a full-blown UTI.  I got out the zapper and used it Sun. evening thinking I would have to call my doc on Mon.  Mon. morning, I used the zapper again.  By mid-morning, all symptoms of the UTI were gone.  By late afternoon, I was having a healing crisis which has continued into today. Still, no symptoms of the UTI.

About two months ago, all my neighbors had horrible colds which lingered forever.  It was impossible to not be exposed.  Every time I felt any cold symptoms coming on, I would use the zapper for an extra 20 minutes in the manual mode and the symptoms would disappear.  This went on for a month, but neither I, nor my Mom who also uses the zapper, ever came down with the cold.

I am a moderator on a support group and when I talk about my zapper, it always generates a lot of interest.  I did a fair amount of research before buying my zapper from you.  There is ample scientific evidence to back up the theory of how zappers work.  My doctor knows I am using it and approves.

I am on the Guaifenesin protocol and cannot use herbal remedies nor herbal cleansers. 

That is why I cherish my zapper.


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