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Who was Dr.Clark
Who was Dr. Clark

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CkarK Zapper
Clark Zapper

The zapper is a therapy device, invented by Dr. Clark and is known worldwide. It kills small microorganisms such as parasites and gives energy to our white blood cells. To find out more about zapper go here:


Learn how to remove metals, solvents and toxins from your body, environment, and food.


All about the powerful effects of the cleanses, developed by Dr. Hulda Clark

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Diseases And Protocols

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Dear Cristina,
and you all who work in Dr. Clark's Information Center,
This e-mail is from Finland, and I write with the heart of many collaques and friends and clients, to tell you how sad we are here in Finland to hear the news about Dr. Clark. Her studies, books, devices and specially her bright inspiration and courage has helped thousands of people more than can ever be counted. We will continue to work with her ideas with great respect and joy. 
And also we would like to thank all of you who have helped Dr. Clark in her work, becouse without all that help, we would not also know about her findings.
I am myself a biologist and for 10 years also resonans therapeut here in Finland.
For 16 years I have followed Dr. Clark's work.

Her ideas has saved also my life.
She is the most important teacher for me in my therapeutic work.

I teach her ideas for my students. I had never the joy to meet her personally, but I feel almost that I have known her somehow. Last week I had this strong intuition that I should finally write to her to tell how gratefull I am to her and how she has inspired me all these years. I felt that I must do it now, before it will be too late. Somehow I am late now, but somehow I belive she knows very well what I write here. I have become even know here in Finland by those who are interested of alternative medicine with the nick name Mato-Marjo which is in english Worm-Marjo.
I will also continue Dr. Clark's work here in Finland.
I also promised to write a short Im meroriam-article about Dr. Clark to the Minä Olen - magazine, which is one of the important alternative magazines in Finland.

Next magazine will go very soon to the press, this article should be ready next week.
What would you like me to tell about Dr. Clark to Finnish people ? Could you send a good photo about Dr. Clark? Or do you have any ready material for this kind of purposes that I could translate to Finnish?
Warm greetings,
M. U.     Finland

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