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Who was Dr.Clark
Who was Dr. Clark

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Diseases And Protocols

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Dear Family and Friends of Dr. Hulda Clark,

I read and digested Dr. Clark's book, Cure for All Diseases some 13 years ago and built a zapper.  I was using it myself when I found a hard lump in the Lymph gland in the right side of my husband’s neck.  We were traveling and my only recourse was to have him start using the zapper.  Upon arrival to our home in Kalamazoo, Michigan, I studied everything about holistic treatment of cancer.  We used selenium and other nutrients, fresh carrot juices, reduced all red meats and most other meats, increased calciferous vegetables, did colonics, massage, and healing touch. 

We cleaned the environment and finally, most importantly, put him on a small trampoline two to three times a day to flush out the lymph system.  The doctors did a full biopsy of the tumor and a diagnosis of Hodgkin’s disease was given.  The medical community said holistic treatments wouldn’t work!!!  Within three months the tumor totally disappeared and his body healed without radiation or chemotherapy.  Thank you, Dr. Clark. 

He has been dismissed from seeing his Oncologist two or three years ago and has been cancer free since.  (The Oncologist brushed off what I did for him and said “sometimes there are spontaneous healings”).  I have it fully written up if you wish to receive a copy. 

Within the past year I have become interested in the part that low Iodine plays in Hodgkin’s disease, cancer of the thyroid, and Multiple Myeloma.  My mother died 7 years ago of cancer of the thyroid that spread as multiple myeloma.  We couldn’t understand why at the time as we were doing many holistic treatments with her. 

As time has moved on, I have become more aware (as I was at the time) that she was low thyroid.  All her family ancestors back seemed to have goiter problems and other problems with low thyroid conditions.  I have read with interest Dr. Brownstein’s book on Iodine  and think there may be a stronger link to Breast cancer and Thyroid cancer due to lack of Iodine in our diets. 

I send my deepest sympathy on the passing of this marvelous researcher Dr Hulda Clark. 

Hopefully you all will continue the research into cancer and its many causes. 

Please look into the possible links with Iodine.



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