Sad to hear of her passing.

I hope many will keep her work alive!

It helped me quite a bit because I would have been dead if it was not for the knowledge she provided free online!

I was diagnosed with cancer amongst other things and I believe she put me on the right path.

I wish I knew of her ten years ago, perhaps my mother and aunt would still be living.

She taught me a lot and I believe all she taught because I truly believe modern day Drs. cant see what she taught to be the truth behind many cancers that bugs get inside and disrupt the organism and take over. 

After I was stung by a wasp, which has a way with electricity, I was healed. 

I been on the mend since and I use sound and vibrations to keep healthy.

I really believe she hit the right cord in healing others.

I pray her followers and those she worked with will keep pressing the mark to help people heal from cancer and the like.


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