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Yes! In fact it took some many months, perhaps about a year, for my friend's CD-4 ratios to turn around for the better and normalize, which is the case now.  Though there is no doubt in my mind, that once he had used Dr. Clark's protocol, that that was the primary and ONLY factor which caused his HIV-counts to drop so dramatically, initially -- it was unbelievable how quickly his HIV-counts dropped initially! The blood tests only count HIV anti-bodies to 750,000, and so after ten years, I assume his HIV count was possibly in the millions.

In any case, he had taken blood tests just prior to Dr. Clark's protocol, and HIV was (over) 750k; and then just about a week later (I have it all written down somewhere here), his count dropped by over 88%! Well, when that happened, his  doctor said nothing!!! And when his count "blipped up" a negligible 19k or so, statistically or percentage-wise that 19k amount was so insignificant, though the doctor at that time practically scared him to death. 

In other words, the blip upward, that 19k or 23k whatever it was on the count, was totally insignificant from the actual dramatic drop that has just been witnessed a couple weeks previously, dropping by potentially millions or by many hundreds of thousands at the very least -- so, I was stunned that a doctor would suggest otherwise, since the actual percentage was so very minor to the real numbers showing that dramatic initial drop (that was still dropping, but for a minor blip upwards after some weeks). 

I suggested to my friend that the cause of the slight increase HIV count could be attributed to any numbers of factors, as discussed in other books

"What If Everything Your Doctor Told You About AIDS Was Wrong" --

Notably the one that totally challenges the HIV hypothesis that HIV, and HIV-alone, causes "AIDS", and shows that a number of different things can cause a false HIV-count (cause false-positive during testings).

In fact, my friend even informed his doctor that he was attempting to cleanse his thymus gland with Dr. Clark's protocol, and his doctor provided virtually not a word of encouragement nor feed back on what had just occurred with that dramatic HIV drop.  His blood tests, before and just after Dr. Clark's protocol, showed undeniable proof that something very dramatic and positive was occurring in his blood.

I felt and believed that when that happened, there was a deliberate falsifying of things by general medicine concerning HIV -- sorry to say, and am rather disillusioned with conventional medicine's procedures when it comes to the many questions surrounding "AIDS" and various issues of diseases. Well, as it was, my friend had also had some warning signs several years previous, when he had contracted an extreme case of full-Bell's palsy.  I believe that was a sign that his immune system  was already being impacted, since that would fit in with the time-frame that his own doctor had diagnosed his 'advanced "AIDS" ' as occurring for at least ten years.  At that time, I had made certain that every several hours he was consuming large mega-doses of Vit-C, and other vit's and herbs, and so within a matter of several weeks, his recovery was astounding!

His own doctor, who had seen thousands of cases of full-Bell's palsy for over thirty years told him he had never witnessed such a dramatic recovery.  And his doctor was compelled to ask him what he had done, inquiring if he had taken anything beyond the standard medicines which he had to him, since such severe cases rarely do not leave lasting physical signs (drooping eye, or facial muscles, or affecting eye-sight, etc). 

His doctor was simply amazed, and he thanked my friend for informing him on the likely importance of the use of mega-doses of Vit-C and other vit's and herbs.

Just before his diagnosis, too, he had had molluscum contagiosum virus invading near his eye and causing some skin facial problems.  He had those removed (which were like skin-growth  "warts"), and has been mostly free of that problem, too, after a number of years.

Well, as a laymen, having read a lot about "AIDS", I feel that there must be other important co-factors involved (which is suggested by Dr. Clark's own research concerning benzene, which I believe to be true, also). 

And, what has always struck me as so very poignant about her own research, is she has single handed by her own efforts sought to focus so much attention on the importance of the thymus gland, showing how it can be cleansed and reactivated!

So, why isn't standard medicine saying more about the probable importance of the thymus gland -- the gland that sends the molecular signals to manufacture those all-important T-cells which standard medicine does not address. 

Well, it is very curious, isn't it?

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