Nice to see a prompt reply from you.. Thanks a lot.

I have read the book on "Cure for HIV and AIDS" written by Dr Clark from cover to cover and I fully understood each and every part of it. As I said in my previous mail the person using "Parasite cleanse Program" was gaining some momentum and he was able to talk and his symptoms were slowly being downsized.

When ever I talk to him he always asks me one and only one question is this disease curable? Will I be able to regain my past life back or will I die.  I am saying to him that it will be cured since Dr Clark has mentioned in her book that 53 persons were cured of this HIV/AIDS in 1991 and I am quoting this as an example to him. But when I read some articles about this disease in some journals related to allopathy they say that the medicine for this disease have not yet been found.

I strongly believe what Dr Clark has written in her book and telling him to strictly follow accordingly and he will be cured. Since I cannot talk personally with Dr Clark. I am sending this e-mail to you as you are a very close associate of her.

Is this disease Curable. Has anyone got rid of this disease recently.

I have not found any person to ask this question so I am writing to you this question.


Thank you very much for your response to my e-mails. I am very excited to say that my friend who has been using Dr Huda Clarks medication for HIV positive status is recovering. All the symptoms like Fever, Night Sweats, Swollen Glands, weakness etc have all been reduced and he says he is ok now.


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