No problem.   I know you are inundated with correspondence.  I wish I were there to help.

The viral load is from HIV.  It needs to be acknowledged that the 3 tests are from 3 different labs which is a variable on consistency and or accuracy for comparison. Yet, after speaking with a nurse of 23 years, 10 of which he has been working in this field (hands on; caretaking, in a clinic, counseling on lab tests, therapies, etc.) he was in complete agreement with the conclusion of the tests ... dropped by one third from the beginning (March 15 to June 22,   year 2000)

I am most likely getting another one this week, sooner than usual.  I am bearing down intensely on clearing out any other viruses that might be present along with the usual parasites, tapeworms, etc. to get even better results.  And this next test will be done at the same lab as the last one. So I am anticipating a continued drop and even disappearance.

It's just one step at a time.  I try very hard to not let myself think that it might hide in organs or lymph glands and spring up later.

Feel free to use my testimony with discretion for privacy.  I really think God's allowed this to happen to me to facilitate a breakthrough of a first public success of a cure.


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