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Who was Dr.Clark
Who was Dr. Clark

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CkarK Zapper
Clark Zapper

The zapper is a therapy device, invented by Dr. Clark and is known worldwide. It kills small microorganisms such as parasites and gives energy to our white blood cells. To find out more about zapper go here:


Learn how to remove metals, solvents and toxins from your body, environment, and food.


All about the powerful effects of the cleanses, developed by Dr. Hulda Clark

Diseases And Protocols
Diseases And Protocols

Read excerpts from the books of Dr. Hulda Clark
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Testimonial - By Dianne Ellis - http://www.dianneellis.com.au/alt

  • A life time of food allergies
  • 20 yrs chronic fatigue and related disorders
  • 20 yrs digestive disorders

All gone, following herbal kidney and liver cleanses

  • 3yrs of anxiety, at times extremely severe

Almost gone, following numerous liver flushes

  • 30 yrs of asthma (at times very severe)

All gone. I have now been free from asthma for 8 yrs after moving into a house with timber floors – no carpets or rugs, and I restricted my dog from coming upstairs into the bedrooms. Even a tiny amount of dairy products used to set off an asthma attack. Since the liver cleanses I can eat dairy with no problems, but I choose not to except on special occasions.

In 2009, following a number of tick bites, I became extremely unwell. Eight long months of testing and treatments with numerous doctors and natural therapists, and my health continued to decline rapidly. I often had a feeling of a stitch in the area of my liver, and my doctor and I both felt a lump there. He sent me for an ultrasound, but it showed no problems. Seriously ill, with no explanations for my condition, I spent one week in hospital, barely able to walk, sleep or eat. Thankfully, just in time, I saw a Natural Health Scientist, (http://patricia-saunderson.blogspot.com.au) who commenced a kidney cleanse and then a liver cleanse using herbal teas. Within three days my health stopped deteriorating, and very slowly I began to improve. Although I was still having difficulties, I regained strength over the following months.

Soon an abscess came up on a tooth which I had been concerned about for a number of years, although previous testing had shown it to be ok. My dentist removed this tooth, revealing a large abscess growing up into my sinus. Over the next few months although many symptoms remained, my health slowly but dramatically improved and I was able to regain fitness, surfing and bike riding etc. One and a half years after my hospital visit (May 2011), I was still having cramping throughout my body, heart palpitations with small pains (I had many ECG’s showing all was ok), tingling, hot flushes (no I wasn’t going through menopause!) burning feelings in my chest, and unable to sleep night after night. My symptoms were much worse one or two hours after eating. All these sensations created feelings of severe anxiety every day.

Being a breathwork practitioner, I set intentions to get to the bottom of my health problems. (Also, I always work to find the emotional connections to any ill-health that I may be experiencing) Within a week, I had a copy of Dr Clark’s ‘The Cure for All Diseases’ in my hand. I bought it to learn about the zapper, but when I read about the liver flush I knew it was something I had to do. Almost one and a half years later (September 2012) and 22 cleanses, I have removed over 1000 stones! Last month I removed a stone almost the size of a golf ball! With feelings of a small stitch remaining, I guess I may still have more to come. My symptoms now, are very mild to what they were and I have been able to sleep through most of the night for many months. I am now surfing some of the biggest and best waves of my life, something I had given up on many years ago and certainly never thought I would be doing at 43 yrs of age. I thank God for Dr Clark and Patricia Saunderson. They gave my children back their mother, gave me back my life, and I’m loving it!


1st cleanse, 63 stones, 02.05.2011 2nd cleanse, 75 stones, 13.05.2011


3rd cleanse, 11 stones, 28.05.2011 4th cleanse, 81 stones, 02.07.2011
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5th cleanse, 17 stones, 16.07.2011 6th cleanse, 70 stones, 02.08.2011
alt alt
7th cleanse, 7 stones, 16.08.2011 8th and 9th cleanse,
alt alt
10th cleanse, 30 stones, 06.10.2011 11th cleanse, 7 stones, 24.10.2011
alt alt
12th cleanse 13th cleanse, 55 stones, 30.11.2011
alt alt
13th cleanse, 71 stones, 30.11.2011 + 100 tiny 14th cleanse
alt alt
15th cleanse, 26 stones, 04.01.2012 16th cleanse, 41 stones, 13.02.2012
alt alt
17th cleanse, over 100 stones, 15.03.2012 17th cleanse, 30 stones, 15.03.2012
alt alt
17th cleanse, 85 stones, 15.2012 18th cleanse, 50 stones, 27.03.2012
alt alt
18th cleanse, 50 stones, 27.03.2012 18th cleanse, 48 stones, 27.03.2012
alt alt
19th cleanse 20th cleanse, 23 stones, 02.06.2012
alt alt
20th cleanse, on the inside, 02.06.2012 21st cleanse, 64 stones, 18.08.2012
alt alt
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