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by Teya Danel
March 4, 2008

I’m running around the house singing ALLELUIA! ALLELUIA! Today is a momentous occasion! I experience tremendous relief and excitement about what I’ve been able to accomplish. A huge weight has been lifted off body and I am finally free. I feel like I have been held prisoner in my own body for years, and now I have been liberated! I am overflowing gratitude and joy!

In the beginning

My story begins in the spring of 2003. I’m dating this lovely man who’s recently bought a new house and needs to have it painted on the inside. Knowing that my funds are low, he offers me the job, which I gladly take on. I’ve just about painted the whole inside and am finishing up the garage floor, leaning over a long handled paintbrush, when suddenly there’s a searing pain in my upper chest that does not abate. It gets so bad that I struggle to get into my car, parked a few feet away, and lay back on the seat trying to catch my breath and make sense of what is happening to me. The pain seems to be going right through my chest and out through my shoulder blades. I break out in sweat and wonder out loud “What is going on”? Am I having a heart attack?” I’ve never felt such intense pain before and I’m totally confused and scared. My boyfriend arrives at that moment (thank God) and stands outside the car window rubbing my back and doing his best to support me through this distressing situation.

After 15 minutes of excruciating pain, he offers to drive me to the walk-in clinic down the road. At this point, I’ll go anywhere to get relief. I manage to get into his car and we drive off. We are almost at the clinic when all of a sudden the pain completely stops. It leaves as quickly as it arrived - as if it was never there. By now I am totally puzzled – what is this? I decide to go into the clinic anyway to hopefully shed more light on this situation. After sharing my ordeal and informing them that I had open heart surgery when I was 12 years old, they immediately hook me up to the EEG monitor as they suspect something wrong with my heart. Thankfully, the test comes out okay and, still mystified by what has transpired, I am sent home.

The next episode

Flash forward - six months later, I’m sitting at home after a meal when all of a sudden that familiar pain comes back again full force. I lay on the couch in agonizing pain, working with it, but it only gets worse. My roommate takes me to the nearby clinic. Once again, they don’t know what is wrong and send me to the pharmacy to pick up pain relieving drugs. As I get into the car bent over in distressing pain, just as before, the pain mysteriously and completely stops. The pain killers prescribed are not available at the pharmacy. I decide to go one more year later. I’ve been over six weeks in hospital recovering from a near fatal car crash. After breakfast I wheel myself down the hall for my twice daily physiotherapy session. The session begins and all of a sudden, oh no, - there it is again - that frightening discomfort rears its ugly head. In a few moments, I’m again in the throes of intensely distressing pain. After all I’ve been going through; I tell myself, why is this happening to me. It’s just not fair! My session comes to an abrupt end and I’m dreading the long trek back to my bed. I’m not sure I can make it back without being carried. But I’m determined. So inch by slow painful inch, I shuffle excruciatingly over onto the wheelchair and somehow manage to get in – the first step is accomplished. I somehow manage to get back to my room. Now, all I have to do is find the strength to physically get into my bed whilst in agonizing pain. Easier said than done. After what seems like an eternity, I’m finally back in my bed. The EEG technician has been called in to test me, as they want to rule out, once again, any problems with my heart. Just as the technician arrives with the machine, I manage to get my head over the side of my bed and throw up all over the floor. The throwing up does not provide any relief whatsoever, and there is unfortunately nothing they can offer me to relieve the pain.

Ultrasound test sheds light on situation

Well, my heart appears to be fine – that’s a good thing. The question is, however, why do these painful attacks keep occurring? The physician in charge orders an ultrasound and the next morning an assistant comes in to draw some blood for tests. The results come in and the doctor visits my bedside. “My dear”, he says to me, “we have confirmed ninety percent that you have gallstones and the only way to get rid of them, in my opinion, is to have your gallbladder removed. Nothing else will work”.

Well, you can appreciate that, given the extent of my injuries and existing scars; another operation is the last thing in the world that I want.

A possible, non-surgical solution

Ted, my chiropractor comes into the hospital for a visit shortly after I’ve received my diagnosis and reassures me that there are indeed natural methods available to get rid of gallstones. He encourages me to keep hanging in there and gives me a copy of a cleansing procedure that will hopefully rectify this whole situation. I pray that he is right. However, I will have to wait till I’m out of the hospital to give it a try because I still need help getting to the bathroom and once you take this cleanse – you are running to the toilet. At this point, I still have another month and a half to go before I’m released from hospital care and, running is just not in the realm of possibilities.

A highly recommended surgical intervention

In the meantime, the attacks are happening with increasing regularity. They usually last for an hour or more, and the pain is so severe that I lie there totally zoned out, pressing my thumb into the middle of my chest between my rib cage, trying to obtain some kind of relief from my torment. As always, the pain disappears just as quickly as it comes.

On a Friday night, a few days after my gallstone diagnosis, a surgeon visits me and sits on the side of my bed. He starts asking me about the injuries to my body and, lo and-behold, about the only area still untouched by scars is my abdomen. He calmly and methodically draws a diagram of the gallbladder, liver and surrounding area. He proceeds to carefully explain the two types of surgery available, the many risks involved, and is strongly encouraging me to have it done asap. To top it off, he then informs me that he is a very busy guy and it just so happens, lucky for me, that he is available this very weekend to operate on me and take my gallbladder out. I explain to him that all my siblings have had their bladders out and, quite frankly, they are no better off. In fact, they are still experiencing lots of discomfort and even occasional pain.

Not Convinced

I’m definitely not convinced that this is the right step for me and inform him that I need to research this whole situation a lot more before making any decisions to go under the knife. I’ve been through way too much already to just simply follow his recommendation without question. I tell him that I’m not rushing into any more surgery right now as I’m maxed out from the ordeal I’ve already been through. He quietly leaves me holding the diagram he has drawn of the gallbladder removal procedure. My nurse comes in immediately after the doctor leaves with consent form in hand looking at me and expecting my signature authorizing the surgery. I guess they did not expect me to refuse their kind offer. I take a look at her and let her know, in no uncertain terms, that surgery will be my very last choice.

The cleansing sheet that my chiro gave me gives me some hope, at least, and I vow that when I am out of the hospital I will give it my best shot. I’m hoping I can live with this condition for a little while longer. In the meantime, I am having attacks at least once a week, and I’m starting to get desperate.

An unsuccessful attempt at expulsion

After three long months in hospital, I’m finally released and move into a rental suite. I am still in a wheelchair; however, I have the use of a walker and crutches to get around inside my home. I decide one day to try out the cleanse - with zero success. I realize I luckily escaped a rush to emergency, because if the stones get caught in the bile ducts there are no other options but to take out the gallbladder.

Discovering the main cause of the attacks

The attacks are getting stronger and more frequent. I have not yet come to understand fully that some foods I’m eating are, at the very least, contributing to my affliction. I am getting so desperate because the pain I’m experiencing is the worst I’ve ever had – worse even than childbirth, or so it seems... The attacks are also lasting longer and longer. Once when visiting friends in Vancouver, and sharing a rich breakfast of buttered toast and eggs, I go into an attack that lasts for an unbelievable four hours -the longest time ever. It is unbearable. What to do, what to do? Eventually, I become keenly aware that particular foods are totally responsible for the attacks. I learn that I can control these attacks by being extremely vigilant about what I put in my mouth.

Fats and oils are my biggest enemies, especially butter, which I willingly give up. I discover through trial and error that if I eat something that precipitates an attack, I can force myself to throw up, after which time the pain goes away within minutes. I’ve never been good at throwing up, in fact, I’ve always hated that. And here I am now, with no hesitation whatsoever at thrusting my fingers deep down my throat. At least it provides almost immediate relief. (Maybe I was bulimic in a past life – I certainly feel for what those people go through.) For the next year, I diligently test different homeopathic, natural herbal remedies and other approaches that I’ve researched on the Internet. Some items appear to alleviate my discomfort somewhat, although not consistently. I can’t rely on any one thing to ease the pain I feel during an attack, and that is incredibly frustrating for me. I go in for an ultrasound and find out that two stones that show up on the scan measure, respectively, 2.0 and 2.2 cm. In my stu
dies so far, I’ve learned that one can only, safely, expel stones up to 1.0 cm by doing a cleanse. The ones I have are just “huge” and according to most experts, beyond cleansing.

The attacks increase

About two years later, it’s now spring of 2007 - the gallbladder attacks are still not abating; and by summertime they are reaching an all time high. I sometimes have three attacks in a week. I’m really watching what I’m eating, however that alone does not guarantee that I’ll be free of attacks. One day, I can be eating a certain food and be okay, and the next day, the same food can trigger an attack. My body appears to be more sensitive and prone to attacks than ever before. Once, unbelievably, a single butter candy brought on an attack.

The only benefit so far is that because of my limited food intake, I’m actually dropping some extra weight I’ve been carrying. I find myself pushing through the pain and often start singing in the middle of attack mode “I still have my joy, after all I’m going through, I still have my joy.” It doesn’t help remove the pain, however it does help my spirit.

In search of alternative support

As I continue my research, I rediscover an author that I knew about over ten years ago. Her name is Hulda Clark and she wrote this awesome book called “A Cure for All Diseases.” In her book, she has a detailed recipe for flushing out the liver and gallbladder. I would normally be quite excited and hopeful upon reading this information. However, after having had a number of ultrasounds by now, I find out that, the two initial stones that were recorded on ultrasound, now measure 2.2 cm to 2.6cm in just over one year. Now that really unnerves me. Everything I’ve done on my own, has still not contributed to my goal of reducing the size and ultimately flushing the stones out. In spite of it all, however, I’m still committed to avoiding the knife and keep hanging in there, but just barely.

I decide I simply cannot keep trying to do this on my own and seek counsel from a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. Since conventional/alternative approaches that I’ve considered so far do not appear to be of much help, I figure I might as well try the oriental approach. This Chinese doctor confirms that only stones under 1 cm are safe to pass using cleanses, otherwise if they are big they can easily lodge in the bile ducts and surgery then becomes imminent. I am frightened, to say the least.

Against overwhelming odds

The pain however, intensifies to the point where I need to do something, anything! I can’t keep living this way. It is too much, much too much. I keep praying to find a solution. There has got to be an answer, dear God, there has got to be. In the meantime, I go for one more ultrasound and the technician is very snotty with me. She infers that I’m wasting my time trying to get those stones out of my body naturally. She informs me that no one that she has worked on has ever done it. I’m now more intent than ever on proving her wrong. There is a strong sense inside of me telling me that there has got to be an answer to resolve this situation once and for all. I hold onto that thought and am still hopeful, although the odds do indeed appear against me.

The answer to my prayers

A close friend recommends a health practitioner who uses state-of-the-art technology and I make an appointment to see her. During my initial consultation, I share with her that my biggest concern at this time is gallstones. She advises that her daughter has done the Hulda Clark protocol and was very successful. She shows me a photo of the gallstones and I see that she has passed one close to the size that I have. Apparently, the key ingredient to her success is the epson salts which dilate all the bile ducts and facilitate the passage of stones of any sizes. I am so impressed by what I see with my own to eyes, that I start to gather up the courage to do the cleanse myself. I now have the proof that I need to move forward earnestly. I’m still very nervous, as there is lot of fear and skepticism still in my mind, about the outcome, but I’m going for it....

The beginning of the end

I set a date and begin by detoxifying my body with a parasite and kidney cleanse. This initial cleanse is recommended in Hulda Clark’s protocol in order to experience optimal success. As one can well imagine, I am totally invested in optimum success and I follow the protocol to a T. I set the date for the liver cleanse, three week into the month long parasite cleanse, which will open the way for the expulsion of these stones. They are taking up way too much real estate in my body. It is time to evict those buggers once and for all.

I schedule the cleanse for Sunday, March 2, 2008. My partner, home for the next few days, is there to support me in case anything goes awry. The basic premise for the liver cleanse, is the use of food grade Epsom salts diluted in water that is ingested over a period of approx. 15 hours. I will also, in that period, be ingesting a ½ cup of olive oil mixed in with ½ cup of fresh grapefruit juice. It’s recommended that I use a straw which will help the “medicine” go down. I’m ready, so ready for the next step! I take what is required during the next four hours, and then immediately lie down in my bed as per the specific instructions. I am to lie still for the next 20 minutes. Well, I end up lying still for one and a half hours and can feel movement, like a light rumbling in my tummy, like music to my ears. I’m also experiencing varying levels of stomach cramps. Nothing I can’t handle, however.

Expulsion of the gallstones

I manage to fall asleep and wake up in the morning very hopeful, but still slightly skeptical, given the size of my gallstones. At 6 a.m. I take more Epson salts, yummms!! and lie back in bed. By eight in the morning I’m rushing to the bathroom and, to my amazement, there is a huge bunch of gallstones floating on top of the water. They are mostly made up of cholesterol and actually float, so you can’t miss them. I proudly scoop them up onto a plate and bring in my measuring ruler. I still can’t quite believe it, but I’m looking at the biggest one and when I measure it, it is very close the 2.6 cm size that was found on the ultrasound. Not only have I managed to get some gallstones out, I’ve actually managed to expel the “king pin”. A huge sigh of relief flows through my body. In all, there are close to 40 really big stones. A number of months ago now I had dreamed of the stones being out of my body and here they are, out of my body. Alleluia!I am finally free!

Gallstones expulsion – take two!!

On March 17th, 2008, I repeat the cleanse and unbelievably, I get out even more gallstones than the first time. I’m in absolute heaven. According to Hulda Clark, I will need to repeat the cleanse quite a few times until I have counted roughly 2,000 stones – that’s unbelievable!I learn that the liver actually produces and stores them, and even though I’ve managed to empty out my gallbladder, apparently there are lots more waiting patiently in the liver to be emptied out into the gallbladder and subsequently eliminated. Since I am genetically prone to gallstones, I will now have to implement this procedure at least once or twice a year. It’s worth it!

I visit my physician

It just so happens that I have an appointment booked with my doctor on March 18 at 10 a.m. I go into her office for a pre-op as I am getting the last of the procedures done to fix me up from the car accident. It has now been three and a half years since the major motor vehicle accident. I decide to order another ultrasound. I make my request and since the last one was in February, she right away says “it would appear that what you have been doing orally to get rid of the stones is just not working”. I hear the skepticism in her voice and know she is about to refuse my request. I look at her and, with a big smile on my face, I tell her that I’ve actually gotten the stones out of my body using a liver cleanse. I quickly pull out the pictures from my wallet and proudly display them. She initially has this rather puzzled look on her face, however, recovers her demeanor quickly. I share with her some of the details of the procedure and she comments on how simple it appears to follow and get such results. She makes no other comments and proceeds to write up the order for the ultrasound.

Sweet and yummy victory

It’s my sweetheart’s birthday and we get together with friends to celebrate at a local restaurant. For the first time in a very long time, I’m ordering creamy, curried chicken pasta and later in the evening, I even have a little piece of birthday cake. I tell you, that cake has never tasted so goooooooood!

I am just so relieved and exhilarated by my success. I celebrate my courage to move through all my pain and fear and come out on the other side, totally victorious. I’ve reclaimed the quality of my life and can look forward to sharing some ice cream with my kids this coming summer or, actually, any time I want now.

I vow to share my success with as many people as I can so that they do not have to go through the pain and agony I’ve had for so many years. And best of all, my gallbladder, which performs a very important function in my body, is intact. Thank you God in me, thank you with all my heart.


First cleanse done on March 2, 2008Second cleanse done on March 17, 2008


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