I would like to inform you of the results of the liver cleanse.

We zapped for 4 days taking digestive enzymes an hour after zapping and and wormwood and cloves after meals.

The Saturday after we started Dr. Clark  liver cleanse, at 07 a.m. we had our first expulsions up to 8 to 10 times in  6 hours.

Within the evening we were back in shape even though a bit tired since we fasted also Saturday at lunch.

Next morning we both noticed that our eyesight was sharper. The last past year my eyesight worsened considerably, my view was always veiled and the colors were dull.

It seems impossible but today after 5 days I can now see very clearly and the colors are very intense.

Even our intestinal movements have improved and we sleep better at night. I do not have flatulences anymore at night and my heart beats are more regular as also my blood pressure. I was suffering from arterial fibrillation and hyperton.

I will continue with the zapper and with the rest of the protocol and we want to repeat the liver cleanse in a month's time.

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