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Good morning, Doctor,

I hope the use of French is not an obstacle. I had hepatitis in 1962, during the conflict in Algeria. I had to sign a waiver to leave the military hospital, after two and a half months of hospitalization. Briefly, here are the symptoms (often considered to fall within psychiatry).

The following year, rheumatisms and especially: violent seborrhea of the scalp, forcing me to wash my head three times a day.

It was not until 1983 that a doctor could stop it in less than a week, treating the liver with homeopathy.

Meanwhile, inappropriate interventions, such as partial ligation of the superficial arteries of the head.

Sleep disorders, tinnitus, eye flashes, occipital headache, inflammatory rheumatisms, cardiovascular disorders (blood pressure having reached 30/15, extra systoles, tachycardia ..), colitis, fungal infections .. and especially disorders of thermoregulation (sensation of ice under the feet accompanied by arthrosis of the dorsal spine and the shoulders, bronchitis).

Excessive heat in the face, increased in the horizontal position (blood pressure from 3 to 4 points lower) and the upper back constantly plagued by rheumatisms caused by a continuous feeling of cold (a need to cover myself excessively and, in winter, walking barefoot in the snow in order to limit the crisis). The detection of 70 food intolerances in 2002 allowed an improvement hat was later going to dwindle and vanish.

Back in 1990 I had requested an ultrasound of the gallbladder, because I had (and still have) the characteristic pain in the right hypochondrium.
Nothing was found. Nor the latest exam: a CAT scan in 2003.

It was by chance that your "treatment" of the liver was passed on to me (in the past, I had tried using horseradish and olive oil). It is after a second attempt that I really felt a change, especially in thermoregulation, which has reverted to "normal".

I have not "retrieved" all the stones. Here are the larger ones, alongside many others.
I'll do a third course, not doubting a decisive improvement.

May I therefore express my gratitude, after 44 years of difficulties.
My doctor is amazed by this method, which will allow him to help other patients.
I send you my warm and respectful greetings. Thank you again.


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