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Dear Cristina:

Thank you for your reply. Yes, Have been doing the Kidney cleanse for several months now just indeed to keep it all open.

Have largely succeeded thus far with the expulsion of the tapeworm and am now left with the residual material (feels like sand) which is moving out  very slowly but nevertheless moving and freeing up my lower back and  hip area. Truly an amazing process.  All of which means that I can continue to teach my Yoga classes which is also a real benefit.

No, then I won't do the DMSO. I tend to overdo things and sometimes slip back into the "medical model" of wanting quick results which of course is not how the body works. When I assist it with all these wonderful  herbal and supplement supports it responds beautifully and I am most thankful for the relief physically and emotionally that it brings me.

Again thanks for replying as sometimes I get backed into a corner and don't know what to take that might assist me and yet I don't want things to  take things that might conflict with each other.

So yes, I am listening to your input  AND I take responsibility for the outcome.

Merci bien

"J F"

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