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Dear Cristina:

Thanks for the quick response.  He will start slower this time just like you said.  The good thing is that he did zap yesterday and take enzymes after eating.  So at this point we can tweek the diet a little more and totally take dairy out of the diet.

I can tell you that I have never been so happy to see my son’s heath turn around so fast.   The price of the herbs were cheap verses three gastro apts. and four blood test and upper gi,gi with Hd contrast, Xrays, EKGs and a gastric emptying study. The test on the stomach were each done twice. This doesn't go without saying in the past year and a half at least 30 different medicines were prescribed to him, which did not work.

We will buy the ornithine and arginine .This story of my sons health problems were even worse than just this little e-mail.  He also suffered depression and schizophrenia. This was a diagnosis from 2 years ago. 
But all is well now.  He laughs out loud and is happy and gets along well with others and he even knows that he has changed for the better.  He wants to exercise, play with friends, get on the computer talk to friends and plays x box. 

I can say that I would not have believed it if we hadn't lived it.  I feel very grateful. 

I use to pray for a cure for cancer in which all ethnic races and all people young and old could get a hold of and that the treatment would be so cheap that no insurance was needed. I just didn't know that this treatment would include us! It is amazing how ones mental health improves with the physical health.
Thanks,  JS  (4264)

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