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September 2012 - It is 2 years that I now suffer from ascariasis, following several trips I did to Morocco.
Unfortunately it was not diagnosed early enough and I received different treatments for various bacteria (Blastocystis, helicobacter).
The doctors always treated the consequences, but never the cause!!
With all the antibiotics  I took, the ascaris have migrated around the heart and under the arms giving me great tiredness and many discomforts.
Following extensive research, I understood the disease and the different sensations experienced (nerve disorder, swelling punctures and bites  under the skin, soft stool and chronic diarrhea, chronic cough with pain in the stomach before meals, regular flu and allergies in the  morning)

So I decided to take treatment without a prescription (COMBANTRIN of Thèofarma) and  the ascaris have started to come out, so I repeated the treatment.

Then I discovered Bio-resonance through a friend in Germany, but too few doctors practice this!

So I tried  Dr. Clark’s protocol, the parasite cleanse and the mop-up program for ascaris and tapeworms together with zapping and the card no. Z722, which have been  very effective!
(I have a lot less bites under the arms,  less swelling punctures, the stool is now hard and a lot more energy)

At the end of the of the treatment I still feel  the ascaris around my stomach at times,  but much less.
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