I am Mr F.B., from Trieste. I want to give my testimony to all cancer patients who suffer unbearable pain, and encourage them to trust and try Dr. Clark’s protocol.

A few months ago I was diagnosed with a bone metastasis in the leg from a primary cancer in the right lung. I refused the suggested chemotherapy. Unfortunately the terrible pains tormented me day and night; I was having difficulty both walking and sitting. I did five sessions of targeted radiotherapy to no avail.

Doctors prescribed Turadol and Duralgesic skin patches against the constant pain, but these were insufficient at times, so I had to add a morphine injection to boot. I realized that this was not a cure, but only a way of getting by, having been declared terminally ill. Quantities increased alongside my pain, until the maximum dosage was reached, both for the pain patch and the anti-inflammatory drug.

Then one day Destiny made me meet a Clark protocol professional who explained to me clearly, with great competence and care, what treatments I would have to follow precisely. I am talking about Dr Silvia Albicocchi.

I must say that being under her care has been an exceptional experience: she is thorough, considerate and ready to answer my every request, alert to any changes or evolution during the course of the protocol.

The first results came with the reduction of morphine: from thirty eight down to removing it completely in one month. Same thing with the painkiller and the anti-inflammatory drug. Almost incredulous, I would at times be anxiously waiting for the pain to start, until I realized that it was gone!!! I was and am free of the fear of suffering! So it is true that you can remove it!! I wanted to give my testimony to the people who suffer, and tell them to approach the Clark protocol with confidence, with the no less important support of the health care provider who applies it.

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