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Who was Dr. Clark

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Diseases And Protocols

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To: Anyone who cares enough to share this info with anyone who has cancer.

First pap smear in 1995 revealed moderate dysplasia (pre-cancerous cell conditions).      Dr. recommended, and I received cryo treatment (freezing of cells) shortly thereafter.

Things seemed okay, until I went for another pap smear earlier this year, and the Dr. called me to tell me that the pap results came back as "carcinoma insitu" which is cervical cancer "in place". He recommended a leep procedure which is electrical excision of the "bad" areas. When we started the leep procedure, he immediately discontinued it and told me that the cancer was up inside my cervix in an area that could not be reached without a cone biopsy. Long story short, a couple of weeks before my scheduled cone biopsy I had a book practically fall into my arms unexpectedly,and this book literally saved my life. The book is called "The Cure For All Cancers" by Hulda Regehr Clark, Phd.                                                         I was NOT anxious to jump under a knife or become a part of the cancer merry-go-round, so I decided to try her program that is based on scores of documented cases of cancer being CURED not just put into "remission" using her program.

After three weeks on the program (not difficult at all to follow), I scheduled another appointment for a new pap, and just for my own peace of mind, went to a different Gynecologist, and did NOT relate my condition - just there for a "routine pap". I had noticed, by the way, a complete cessation of my symptoms about 12-14 days into Ms Clark's program, so I felt confident that SOMETHING positive was happening to my body. The pap results came back CLASS A - PERFECTLY NORMAL!!!!! There was not a sign of abnormality. I was astonished, as I was so skeptical about trying my own thing outside of the "Dr." - CONSTANT WARNINGS from the rest of the world who never question ANYTHING regarding conventional medicine. I was actually expecting to have only improved, but I WAS CURED. I no longer have cancer. Please share this book title with ANYONE you know. It does not interfere with conventional treatments, but now I am confident enough to use it again if necessary (instead of surgery or chemo or ???)

Hey the alternative is usually death, or extreme illness and discomfort then death. PLEASE check this out. It is easy to do, and once you read her book, the "light will go on" regarding her explanation of the cause of cancer. It makes so much sense - to keep the lid on this would be a rotten shame, but I am fearful that it will happen, as it is THE ANSWER.

Would be happy to communicate via e-mail with anyone who has questions. I am not a doctor (obviously), but will be happy to tell you whatever I can.

Thank you Dr. Clark, from the bottom of my heart.      


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