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I am simply amazed at the lengths that the "medical community" will lobby to keep the people of this nation sick for the sole purpose of feeding their already bulging wallets and egos.

I am a federal government employee and a disabled veteran.

My injuries and illnesses incurred in the line of duty for the U.S. Army include lower back injuries and Persian Gulf Syndrome. The only offering of relief ever received has been surgery and pharmaceuticals.

My injuries were further aggravated, and added to, while working for the Department of Housing and Urban Development when I was hit by a drunk driver, on the job, in 1987 and have been treated like a criminal ever since. This was in concert with the Department of Labor who supervise federal employees' cases. Unlike the Veteran's Administration I wasn't offered more than a skeptical attitude that the accident ever happened at all even though police reports, doctor reports, hospital x-rays etc., prove permanent disabling injuries.

Then, along comes Ms. Clark, with a book that tells me I can continue whatever my regular doctor treats me with, but suggests I try some painless, inexpensive methods of dealing with the many disgusting problems I came home with. I am here to tell you, I have killed my own cervical cancer.

This is medically documented, cost me about $100 and was absolutely painless. All without the surgery that a multitude of doctors insisted I required. That was 1994 and no sign of any problems since.

So when you tell me Ms. Clark was arrested, I say how can you be surprised?

Look at the millions and billions of dollars a year the Hollywood crowd raises in tear-jerk fashion for illnesses that are life threatening and permanently disabling. Where would the doctors get such a lucrative income if the patients didn't need treatment after treatment for one thing or another.

You don't cure bacteria, parasites, viruses. You KILL them.

I'm not saying doctors are not needed. Of course they are, but who would scream about it if cancer patients didn't have to come this (!) close to death to get better? The doctors, of course. And who would care more than the doctors and nurses and lab specialists, and blood specialists and surgeons and etc. etc. etc. if patients knew how to take care of their own diabetes, multiple sclerosis, asthma, skin conditions, kidney stones, and the list is endless?

The people most liable to squeak the loudest against this woman has helped us understand our own susceptibilities are the fat RATS who make money off of the ill and then pay lip service to how bad they feel for their patients. If the insurance companies didn't make so much in premiums, and then deny benefits to keep their costs down and profits up, they would appreciate this alternative to expensive medicines. If the federal government was REALLY concerned about health care for all, they would step in the middle of it and do some research in stead of letting these atrocities befall such a generous woman.

But, they don't care, not really. The words sound good when it comes to election time. But that is where it ends.

Not once in all my reading of Ms. Clark's work do I recall her saying she could write a prescription for me. Nor do I recall her saying that surgery was never needed, or that she could perform it if it was. The opposite is, in fact, true.

Puh-leeze, we know what this soap box stand represents, and we resent it. So I can only say, there are others in history who have been persecuted for the good they did. This is not an original scenario.

Best of Luck,

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