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Two and a half years ago, my aunt rang to say that my uncle was very ill and would probably die within a week or two. He had just had surgery to remove a tumor from the colon. Unfortunately we have socialized medicine in New Zealand, disparagingly referred to as Nanny's Die-while -you-wait "health" system. (Nanny refers to Nanny State, in as much as the state has so much control over our lives.)

My uncle's doctor had written to a hospital oncology department to arrange an appointment, and was told he would be able to go in 3 months. It was 6 months though, as the hospital somehow lost the doctor's letter, and my uncle had to go to the bottom of the queue. We have thousands on waiting lists for treatment, not unlike the food queues of Soviet Russia, or post-WW2 queues when the British government controlled the food supply in the UK. Our queues wait patiently at home though, so they are not visible to the public. Thank heavens food hasn't been nationalized yet.

Anyway, because my aunt had suspected cancer, she had already changed their diet, and started him on the Gerson therapy after the surgery. When I found out, I sent The Cure for All Diseases as well as a zapper. The tumor had perforated the bowel, grown through the peritoneum and into the spine. The peritoneum was drained as it was just full of pus. The cancer in the spine was deemed inoperable, and my uncle was sent home, but offered a bed & morphine in a couple of weeks. He was considered too ill for chemotherapy.

Having researched it himself he would have refused it anyway because of the 10% success rate. As he said, that's not a success rate, it's a 90% failure rate.

Because he was having coffee enemas, he could very easily see the results of zapping. Despite just having had bowel surgery, where the bowel is supposed to be cleaned out beforehand, he was stunned at the large quantity of very visible parasites. Within 13 months there was no cancer left.

Now he walks daily, works out at a gym 3 days per week, works in his garden and mows the lawns, swims and plays bowls, yet he had not been able to walk to the bathroom unaided. He never needed either the morphine or the hospital bed that Nanny had offered. He is 67.

We are all most grateful for the information you have made available as it means not having to rely on our health system. It gives us peace of mind, especially as our elder son used to have seizures. Zapping keeps them at bay. His neurologist had said, "If he was my son I would not use anti-convulsant therapy." We had already decided against it anyway because I have worked with many people with intellectual disabilities, who regressed while taking a cocktail of such drugs. (My son was brain-damaged through vaccination, and is particularly sensitive to numerous chemicals, so we have always looked for alternative ways to help him.) Although he is now 26, he still lives at home with us, as his peers in community homes always seem to be ill, or covered in impetigo and rashes.

Occasionally we hear of sexual and physical abuse in such places, and the most recent case was of a poor lady who was scalded so badly in the bath that she died. I have always been afraid of their over-prescribing of drugs as well. I know that it happens in the US, in particular Dr. Saul Kruger who experimented on children at the Staten Island Developmental Centre. It used to be called Willowpark. Instead of Kruger being arrested for deliberately infecting these children with hepatitis B he was awarded the Albert Laker Memorial Prize for his "long and elegant research." He was on the Army Epidemiological Board that gave him(self) the funds for the research. He excused such depravity by saying that conditions there were so bad, the children would have got the disease anyway. He had over $50,000 in funds and spent it on experimenting on these children, rather than improving their living conditions. Elegant is not a word which springs to mind when I contemplate

this monster, who is applauded and rewarded, while inspirational doctors like yourself are arrested on the most specious pretexts, and virtually hounded out of America, Land of the Free. One has to ask oneself why the army (trained to kill), would be interested in developing vaccines. In the light of the Gulf War Syndrome revelations, one can only assume they have run out of their usual experimentees -- retarded children, indigent blacks, or prisoners.

I notice that your books in the local library already look well-worn, a very good sign.

Best wishes and our kind regards,


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